Zombie survival horror game Outbreak: Shades of Horror is inspired by the classics

Gare – Wednesday, August 3, 2022 6:35 PM
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Developer Dead Drop Studios have revealed Outbreak: Shades of Horror, a co-op survival horror game taking inspiration from classics of the zombie genre. Taking place during the first hours of a viral undead outbreak in September 1999, the game has you venture out into streets laden with danger as you scavenge for supplies, fight off zombified citizens and look for a way out. Playable with up to three partners in online or local co-op, Outbreak: Shades of Horror offers various branching paths and multiple endings depending on your group’s decisions, along with classics-inspired resource management, puzzle-solving and a crafting system, as well as a first-person mode, a third-person over the shoulder mode, and even retro-style fixed camera angles. Be careful, though: if your teammates succumb to the undead hordes, they’ll be resurrected as flesh-eating monstrosities themselves, and you’ll have to put them down yourself…

Outbreak: Shades of Horror will be launching its Kickstarter campaign on August 31. Meanwhile, there’s currently a brief playable demo available on Steam for those looking to try a brief slice of the nightmare.

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