Zombie survival game Undying will launch via Early Access on October 19

Gare – Friday, October 15, 2021 3:08 PM
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Undying, a survival game set in the middle of an ongoing zombie apocalypse, will be released on Steam Early Access come October 19, publisher Skystone Games and developer Vanimals have announced. Taking on the role of Anling, a mother infected by the zombie virus, players will have to craft, scavenge and fight in order to teach her young son, Cody, everything he would need to know in order to survive on his own. The game thus becomes a constant race against the clock as players are forced to juggle survival with the need to slow the spread of Anling’s deadly infection, while also making sure that Cody picks up all the necessary skills needed to be independent and self-sufficient. Along with the release date announcement comes a brand-new trailer, which you can view below:

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