You play as an AI in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Observation

Gare – Tuesday, October 9, 2018 4:10 PM
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AI have often filled the role of side characters – trusty voices in the protagonist’s head that help them on their world-saving quest. But what if things were reversed? That’s exactly the kind of question posed by Observation, a sci-fi thriller from Stories Untold developer No Code, because it does come with an intriguing twist of its own: specifically, the fact that this time, you do actually play as an artificial intelligence. Taking on the role of a space station’s very own AI called S.A.M., Observation will have you control various onboard systems and cameras in an attempt to help Dr. Emma Fisher, the game’s other primary character. The game’s being planned for a spring 2019 release on PC and PS4, and there’s even a brief trailer to whet your appetite:


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