You can now play Morrowind in multiplayer

Gare – Tuesday, August 1, 2017 12:54 AM
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The Elder Scrolls has always been a series of single player RPG epics, but that doesn’t mean fans weren’t itching to start exploring their beloved fantasy worlds with friends – that is, other players – at their side. And as you may expect, when there’s a need, the fan community answers, which is why I can actually tell you right now that multiplayer in Morrowind is indeed a thing that exists – and you can try it yourself. Based on OpenMW, the latest version of the TES3MP project now includes NPC synchronization, allowing you and a number of buddies to adventure together in Bethesda’s classic open world RPG. For installation instructions and other bits of useful info, you can check out the project’s FAQ section over here.


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