Yakuza 5 heading west in 2015, will be a digital-only release on PS3

Gare – Monday, December 15, 2014 12:54 AM
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Yakuza 5 will be localized and is coming to the west – a piece of news many fans of the Japanese open-world action/adventure series wanted to hear has now finally become a reality. The big reveal came during this year’s Playstation Experience as Sega announced its partnership with Sony in bringing the game to western gamers sometime in 2015 – that is, both North America and Europe. The game boasts of five different playable characters and five cities to visit, more mini-games compared to previous installments, as well as a new mode called “Another Drama” – side-stories separate from the main campaign that give in-depth focus to each protagonist individually.

The game will be released on the Playstation Network as a digital-only title on Playstation 3, Sega also revealed.


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