World of Warcraft Classic to launch on August 27

Gare – Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10:51 PM
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Blizzard’s legacy servers, known as WoW Classic, will officially be launching on August 27, the company announced. As the name no doubt implies, this particular version of the popular fantasy MMORPG is aimed at people who miss the early days of World of Warcraft, as WoW Classic essentially turns back time and makes everything as it was during the game’s initial years. Blizzard has also published a handy table that lists the exact times when servers will go live depending on one’s time zone. Additionally, a select few WoW players will be invited to a small-scale closed beta test starting with May 15 (you can opt in at the official site), and there will also be three separate stress tests held during the coming months: the first one on May 22-23, the second one on June 19-20, and the last one on July 18-19. The character creator will be made available on August 13, allowing would-be players to create up to three characters per account in anticipation of the launch – so mark your calendars if you’re hoping to claim a specific character name in advance.

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