Witchy JRPG WitchSpring R is coming to consoles this August

Gare – Monday, May 13, 2024 7:28 PM
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WitchSpring RPlatform: WindowsGenre: Adventure, RPGDeveloper: KIWIWALKSPublisher: PixmainRelease: 09/26/2023WitchSpring R, developer KIWIWALKS’ story-driven JRPG from last year, is coming to consoles on August 29 – specifically, to PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Switch. Originally released for PC in 2023, the game told the story of Pieberry, a friendly neighborhood witch who goes on an adventure while doing what witches do best: concocting potions, conjuring up unique recipes and learning powerful elemental spells. You’ll have to collect everything that isn’t nailed down, train Pieberry with a variety of methods and get yourself ready for an adventure involving witches and humans, friends and foes – also, did I mention you can tame animals and use them as pets? Yeah. So, if you’ve ever wanted to ride a cute boar, you can totally do that here.

In any case, here’s a trailer:

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