Why Be Famous When You Can Be Infamous? – Quest for Infamy Coming Soon

Gare – Monday, May 5, 2014 11:11 PM
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After a successful Kickstarter campaign and 2 years of development, the team at Infamous Quests has finally announced: Quest for Infamy is ready for launch on June 26. The game’s development began in the misty, faraway past of 2012, during the initial Kickstarter craze – the project was led by the same team that brought fans the remakes of King’s Quest 3 and Space Quest 2, a fact that most likely contributed to the campaign’s success, amassing well over twice its initial funding goal in a month.

Become a charming villain!

Quest for Infamy is a unique blend of the RPG and the point & click adventure, its inspiration being the famed Quest for Glory series, a franchise that enjoyed success and popularity back in the heyday of the genre. Although a QfG-inspired attempt is no new thing – we have seen something similar in the recently released freeware adventure, Heroine’s Quest –, the team managed to twist the original heroic formula by allowing fans to play as a borderline villainous character. Our hero – or, in this case, anti-hero would be more appropriate – is one Mister Roehm who arrives to the town of Volksville ready to get away from his sinful past, only to find himself facing an adventure grander than ever. Or so the trailer goes. Much like in the Quest for Glory series, players will be able to choose a class that tickles their fancy, be it warrior, rogue or wizard. And, as you would expect, certain bits of the adventure will unfold in different ways based on player’s career choice of sorts.

Quest for Infamy can currently be pre-ordered for a starting price of 15 dollars, while the more curious – or impatient – can try their hands at a playable demo available at the official site.


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