Whispering Willows – Ghostly horror puzzle game Greenlit on Steam

Gare – Saturday, March 29, 2014 2:36 PM
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Whispering Willows, a puzzle horror adventure game from David Logan’s Night Light Interactive has successfully been Greenlit – in other words, the atmospheric 2D adventure will be making its way to Steam in the near future. The game’s original appearance can be dated back to last year and a moderately successful Kickstarter campaign that eventually led to the title landing on Valve’s popular platform. According to the story of Whispering Willows, a young girl by the name of Elena is desperately searching for her missing father, an investigation that eventually leads her to an ominous mansion. If the short trailer is anything to go by, we have a couple of guesses as to what sort of secrets lie buried within the old house: needless to say, horror fans can expect to meet their fair share of ghosts, undead creatures and other supernatural creations during the course of the story.

Elena’s unique ability highlighted by the game is her shamanistic heritage, allowing her to manifest her own spirit in the real world. From a gameplay point of view, this basically means that we’re given the ability to active a “ghost mode” of sorts that lets us access places and do things that a mere mortal would be unable to accomplish. Travelling in our spirit form also opens up new dialogue options in the form of ghosts otherwise unseen to the naked eye. As the game labels itself primarily as a horror-puzzle hybrid, most of the story will revolve around exploring the mansion’s many rooms and tackling its various fearsome obstacles. For the curious, a free demo has also been made available, ready to be played straight from your preferred browser.

Whisper Willows is expected to launch on Steam this summer on PC, Mac, Linus and Ouya.

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