Watch SWERY play The Good Life for 24 minutes

Gare – Friday, April 13, 2018 8:14 PM
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SWERY’s upcoming daily life/murder mystery game The Good Life is still on Kickstarter, and unfortunately, the Deadly Premonition creator’s latest project hasn’t quite reached its funding goal just yet. The campaign, nonetheless, is pumping out update after update, with the latest one featuring SWERY himself playing through an early build of the game shown at PAX East. The 24-minute video introduces and discusses various aspects of life in the town of Rainy Woods, including photography, side quests… and the fact that you’ll be able to ride sheep as a form of quick transport. Never change, SWERY.

One of your goals in The Good Life is to repay your financial debt, and you do this by investigating the secrets of the town, as well as by taking photos and uploading them to an in-game site called Flamingo. As SWERY explains in the video, it also helps to do some research on trends to figure out which photos would net the largest amount of likes and thus a bigger reward.

Here’s the English-dubbed footage, in which SWERY shows off various ways of snapping rare photos and even ends up taking a trip to the local forest at night to look for a missing person:

And for those that understand Japanese and want to hear SWERY’s commentary directly, here’s the original version:


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