WW2 co-op zombie shooter Projekt Z is currently on Kickstarter

Gare – Tuesday, May 3, 2022 8:27 PM
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Developer 314 Arts has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Projekt Z, a co-operative FPS featuring zombies during World War II. Set in an alternate universe where the Nazis are hoping to harness the power of the undead in order to turn the tide of the war, Projekt Z will have you explore a dangerous island giving home to a variety of secret Nazi projects just waiting to be uncovered and investigated. Players start out on a “main base” hub where they can craft supplies and build structures, after which they embark on a variety of missions, each belonging to a specific story arc – these missions, which include both linear and more open-ended levels, provide you with additional loot and supplies, as well as NPCs to recruit to your hub in order to further increase your chances of survival. The project is currently aiming to hit its initial goal of €100,000, with stretch goals that include additional console ports, official modding support and map editor tools.

Projekt Z’s full release is currently planned for Q4 2024, which is admittable quite far into the future, but the developers are also hoping to run both alpha and beta tests in the years/months before launch. Here’s a new trailer:

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