Victorian arena fighter Brimstone Brawlers goes free to play

Gare – Friday, October 16, 2020 4:38 PM
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Victorian-era PvP fighter Brimstone Brawlers is now available to play for free. Dubbed the “Play For Free” version, this demo-esque slice of the game allows players access to a total of five characters (the Engineer, the Bomber, the Plague Doctor, the Vampire and the Boxer) across every map and game mode currently available. However, that’s hardly all the content on offer – existing owners of the title, as well as those who purchase the so-called Founder’s Edition during Early Access, can choose from an additional seven characters, with developer Ategig planning to add another three later down the line. Founders will also automatically gain access to all future updates rolled out for the game.

Brimstone Brawlers is out now on Steam.


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