Vermintide is getting a new game mode and a map as DLC

Gare – Monday, February 1, 2016 5:49 PM
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We’re doing good in terms of Warhammer news as of late, so why not add some more to the mix by talking a bit about that other online Warhammer game, Vermintide? This one, unlike its space marine-laden counterpart, takes place in the dark fantasy kind of Warhammer, with castles, orcs and… well, rat-people, in this case. And now, the game is getting not just a new mode (Last Stand), but also an impossible to pronounce – though no doubt spectacular – map called Schluesselschloss. Yes, we’re having a trouble pronouncing that one, but so are the developers, as they are – amusingly enough – looking for a new nickname for the map for exactly this reason. The good news about the map is that you’ll still be able to play on it even if you don’t own it yourself – you merely have to join the game of someone who does. As for Last Stand, it’s more or less what the name implies: a game mode where you battle endless waves of incoming rat-people.

Both the map and Last Stand will be available as paid DLC at the end of February.

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