Vampyr to be adapted into a TV show

Gare – Friday, August 17, 2018 3:40 PM
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FOX21 has acquired the rights to adapt Dontnod Entertainment’s vampire-themed action RPG Vampyr into a TV show. Released in June of this year, Vampyr stars a doctor named Jonathan Reid who, after having just returned to England following his service in the First World War, ends up getting attacked by a vampire and turned into a supernatural bloodsucking creature himself. One of the game’s main selling points is how the player can either succumb to his bloodlust and sacrifice those around him to attain more power, or stay his hand without killing any of the innocent – or occasionally not-so-innocent – non-player characters.

Despite the intriguing premise, though, we came away from Vampyr feeling disappointed, largely due to its narrative shortcomings. In our review, we wrote: “The game’s plot points are just as forgettable as its cast of characters, and while exploring London’s lovely streets and completing a few side quests can serve as a temporary band-aid for boredom, they never manage to make up for Vampyr’s crushingly dull narrative and clumsy attempts at creating a romance between the main leads.”

Our full review of Vampyr can be found here.

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