Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PC has just made all of its DLC free for everyone

Gare – Thursday, November 7, 2019 3:32 PM
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Valkyria Chronicles 4Platform: PC, PS4, XBox OneGenre: RPGDeveloper: SegaPublisher: SegaRelease: 09/25/2018Valkyria Chronicles 4, SEGA’s unique tactical RPG from last year, has received a new update on PC that’s made the title’s DLC offerings – every single one of them – free for everyone who owns the base game on Steam. If you’re wondering exactly what you’re getting in the so-called Complete Edition: a collection of additional missions, some of which unlock extra playable characters and costumes, as well as some challenge maps for those looking to test their skills. The full list of all available DLC included in the game can be viewed here.



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