V Rising is getting a free expansion called Secrets of Gloomrot this May

Gare – Thursday, March 9, 2023 4:07 PM
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Open world vampire game V Rising will soon be expanded: this May, developer Stunlock Studios will be launching Secrets of Gloomrot, a free expansion that will introduce new features as well as a brand-new biome in the form of the titular Gloomrot, a land corrupted by the horrific experiments of The Trancendum. According to the team, said new biome will be roughly the same size as the Dunley Farmlands, and will be divided into a northern and a southern zone; players will also gain access to additional customization options, allowing them to create majestic, multi-tiered castles.

Originally launched into Early Access in May of 2022, V Rising follows the exploits of a newly-awakened vampire who sets out on an unholy journey to become the next Dracula – players can pillage entire villages, conquer the lands, upgrade their castles and feast on the blood of their enemies to become the one undead lord everyone fears. So, y’know… just usual vampire stuff.

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