Use various facial expressions to interact with others in unique point & click adventure Who’s Lila

Gare – Monday, August 16, 2021 11:08 AM
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Indie developer Garage Heathen has released a free playable demo for Who’s Lila, a point & click adventure game that has you sculpt and tweak the main character’s facial expressions in order to interact with others during dialogue scenes. Sporting a minimalistic “ditherpunk” art style, the game starts off with the mysterious disappearance of a girl called Tanya Kennedy – as well as the uncomfortable fact that you were the last person to be seen with her. Inspired in large part by the works of David Lynch, Who’s Lila aims to offer a uniquely unsettling adventure that deals with topics of occultism and tulpamancy, among others – so if that sounds intriguing to you (and it certainly does to me), head on over to Steam and give the demo a shot.

The full game is currently expected to launch in February of 2022.

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