Unsung Story to show off its work-in-progress prototype this month

Gare – Wednesday, April 4, 2018 3:46 PM
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Unsung Story: Tale of the GuardiansPlatform: PCGenre: RPG, StrategyUnsung Story, a Kickstarted tactical RPG meant to serve as a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics, actually seems to be coming along nicely. That may be an odd thing to hear right now, considering the game was in dire straits when its original developer, Playdek, pulled out and handed over all rights and assets to the team of Little Orbit, who then decided to restart everything from scratch to bring the project’s original vision to life. And it seems like they’re doing just that: Little Orbit kicked off April with a massive update, going into all the nitty-gritties regarding Unsung Story’s development, detailing the game’s classes, stat system, and much more. The team also shared a few screenshots from their current prototype build and promised to show it off in action during a Twitch livestream planned for this month. The full update can be viewed here.

According to Little Orbit’s current plans, Unsung Story is scheduled for a Q4 2019 release.

Necromancer putting out a weak cadaver


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