Unlock the secrets of the mind in upcoming tech-noir adventure The Signifier

Gare – Friday, March 20, 2020 3:02 PM
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Developer Playmestudio and publisher Raw Fury have announced The Signifier, a tech-noir adventure about the myriad secrets of the unconscious mind. You play as Frederick Russell, an expert in the field of psychology and artificial intelligence, as well as the creator of the so-called Dreamwalker, an experimental brain scanner capable of mapping out the depths of the human mind. One day, the vice president of a prestigious tech company is found dead, and it’s up to Russell to use the Dreamwalker and shed light on the truth. The game promises an intriguing tale told across multiple realms, including the real world, as well as the plane of subjective dreams and objective memories.

The Signifier will be coming to PC “soon”.

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