Turn-based tactical RPG The Iron Oath is out now on Early Access

Gare – Thursday, April 21, 2022 1:35 PM
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Curious Panda Games and publisher Humble Games have launched their fantasy tactical RPG The Iron Oath via Early Access. Centered around the trying task of commanding – and successfully managing – a band of mercenaries, the game will put your strategic and organizational prowess to the test in a medieval world called Caelum where danger lurks around every corner, and where the world continuously changes and evolves as the decades pass and generations come and go. If you assemble a well-rounded team and make clever decisions in battle, your renown and legacy will grow – be wary, though, as Caelum is teeming with important decisions and heavy consequences that may greatly alter the shape of the entire world. No pressure, eh? The Iron Oath is currently available on PC via both Steam and The Humble Store. Here’s a new trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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