Traverse the Scottish Highlands in charming narrative adventure game A Highland Song

Gare – Monday, February 14, 2022 3:29 PM
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Developer inkle has revealed A Highland Song, a narrative-focused adventure game with rhymth and survival elements whose story takes place in the Scottish Highlands. Starring Moira McKinnon, a young girl who’s lived with her mother and never left the familiar spots of her neighborhood, runs away from home after receiving an invitation from her uncle to come to the coast – enticed by the promise of unseen lands and the sea itself, Moira sets out on an adventure where every nook and cranny of the Highlands has a story to tell, but the question still remains: will she be able to traverse the precarious wilderness and get to her uncle’s lighthouse in time? Here’s the announcement trailer, accompanied by some extremely catchy music:

A Highland Song is currently in development for PC and Switch.

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