Tower defense roguelike Space Raiders in Space leaves Early Access this December

Gare – Monday, October 19, 2020 4:06 PM
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Sci-fi tower defense game Space Raiders in Space will be bursting out of Early Access on December 8, developer 2 Stupid Devs and publisher Destructive Creations have announced. Telling a sci-fi story about an evil hivemind of aliens deciding to invade the human race, Space Raiders in Space has you take up arms and fight back against this new extraterrestrial threat. Even if you’re familiar with the Early Access edition, you’ll be happy to hear that the full version of the game releasing in December will include a brand-new story mode featuring over 40 pages’ worth of comic book-style illustrations, new levels and – of course – a whole lot of aliens to massacre. Here’s a trailer:

Space Raiders in Space is available on PC via Steam.

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