Torchlight Frontiers undergoes important changes, becomes Torchlight 3

Gare – Tuesday, January 28, 2020 1:29 PM
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Torchlight Frontiers, the originally free-to-play action-RPG, is no more – according to a recent announcement, it’s now called Torchlight 3, and will instead adopt a traditional premium model like its predecessors. It’s also moved over to Steam, so if you’ve participated in the game’s previous alpha tests, you will receive a Steam key via email. Having dropped the F2P business model, Torchlight 3 is now being developed as a back-to-basics entry that will return to the series’ roots and act as a proper sequel. For one, it will follow a classic Act structure, much like the first two entries; additionally, most zones in the game will be private by default (and you can even choose to play completely offline if you so desire), with the option to engage in online multiplayer and meet other players in specific instanced zones and public towns. The in-game real money shop has also been removed, though I doubt too many people will shed tears over that. The next update for the alpha version is scheduled to drop on January 29, and will introduce a third Frontier area, a fourth playable class, and much more.

Torchlight 3 is coming to PC in 2020 and to consoles a bit later.



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