This is what Star Wars would look like if it was an 80s anime

Gare – Wednesday, March 25, 2015 8:57 PM
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“What if there was an Empire-focused short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that's all but vanished from Japan nowadays?” – asks Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, with the answer being, well, the short film you’re about to watch. Johnson, having spent the weekends of the last four years working on the project (which was, by the way, inspired by TIE Fighter, the video game), has finally finished working on an animated short film of seven minutes that attempts to bring life to the Star Wars universe with that classic Japanese aesthetic, all the while inserting some sick guitar riffs to make it all complete. Here’s another twist, though: the short battle scene focuses on the Empire, not the rebels, so if you were hoping for the good guys to save the day… well, let’s just say that this day won’t be saved by them. What you *will* see, though, is plenty of exploding X-Wings, so there’s that.

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