Think like a cube – puzzle game The Last Cube is out now on PC and consoles

Gare – Friday, March 11, 2022 5:47 PM
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Developer Improx Games have finally launched The Last Cube, which means the atmospheric cube-based puzzler is now available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and the Switch. The core mechanics of the game tie heavily into the fact that the game’s protagonist is a lonely cube: by stamping various stickers on your sides, you’ll be able to unlock and use a variety of different abilities that may help you get ahead in all the puzzling situations you’ll be thrown into. Figuring out exactly how and when to land on the correct platform to get the necessary stamp will be the key to your success, and as you manage to get through each brain-teaser, you’ll unlock more and more secrets about the world you’re in – an alien civilization seemingly on the brink of ruin. Have a look at the launch trailer below:

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