There’s a new Bayonetta-related game, and you can play it in your browser

Gare – Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:09 PM
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Well, okay, it’s not a real Bayonetta entry, strictly speaking, but it’s from the same company at the very least. That counts, right? The game itself is called Angel Land, and you can play it right over here – yes, that’s Platinum’s site, and yes, it’s a 404 page. I suppose that’s one way of making a “File Not Found” message more bearable – by giving you something to play afterwards. As the page itself also highlights, the controls are fairly simple and so is the game: you control Bayonetta on the left and shoot down enemies that approach from the right. That’s about it. Oh, and try not to get hit, or it’s Game Over instantly. ----> Let’s play!

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