The Witcher 3 devs discuss Blood and Wine in latest video

Gare – Monday, May 16, 2016 3:25 AM
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The saga of The Witcher 3 is soon coming to an end – after last October’s Hearts of Stone of Stone, the renowned 2015 RPG will be getting its second and final expansion in the form of Blood and Wine, and after it launches, that’s it for The Witcher content. Developer CD Projekt RED, however, plans to go out with a bang, packing this effective swan song to the adventures of Geralt with mountains of new content, all adding up to roughly 30 hours of play time.

Blood and Wine will see Geralt visit the home of wine and comfort – Toussaint, a region untouched by the horrors of war. Not everything is all peachy, however, as a series of strange killings stir up the peaceful everyday of Toussaint’s inhabitants, prompting them to summon the famed monster slayer to sort things out. Blood and Wine adds a staggering amount of extra content to the game, introduces a brand new region the size of No Man’s Land in the original, and even includes a number of little surprises like the ability to dye your armor in a variety of different colors – because fashion doesn’t only matter in Dark Souls.

Witcher 3: Wild HuntPlatform: PC, PS4, XBox OneGenre: Action-adventure, RPGDeveloper: CD Projekt REDPublisher: CD Projekt, Warner BrosRelease: 05/19/2015In a freshly-released Developer Diary, several members of the team each discuss the many new aspects of Blood and Wine, and if you’re as excited about the new expansion’s May 31 release as we are, do absolutely give it a watch.

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