The Thing-inspired survival horror game Buried in Ice announced

Gare – Tuesday, January 19, 2021 8:06 PM
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Liquid Engine Development has announced Buried in Ice, a survival horror game rather heavily inspired by John Carpenter’s classic 1982 movie, The Thing. Stranded on an Antarctic base and surrounded by sub-zero temperatures, players must find a way to defeat a mysterious alien creature or die trying. Cooperation is key, but trust is a hard commodity to come by, as the “thing”– much like in the movie the game was inspired by – is capable of disguising itself as human in order to stay hidden and sow the seeds of distrust among survivors. So… you know. Keep that flamethrower close by, just in case.

Buried in Ice will be coming to both PC and consoles, although the team has not specified a release date just yet. In the meantime, check out this brief trailer:

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