The Outlast Trials will be heading to Early Access on May 18

Gare – Monday, March 13, 2023 3:16 PM
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The Outlast Trials, an upcoming multiplayer spinoff to the Outlast series, will officially be launching in Early Access on May 18, developer Red Barrels has recently announced. Originally revealed in 2019, the game will take players back into the haunting universe of the Outlast franchise, this time during the years of the Cold War – players will assume the role of unlucky test subjects abducted by the Murkoff Corporation and be forced to partake in a series of hellish trials that will push them to their physical and mental limits. Playable both alone and in co-op with teams consisting of up to four members, the game enjoyed a successful closed beta period late last year, with Red Barrels now gearing up to reveal more information about the specific content players can expect in the Early Access version. In the meantime, here’s a trailer:

The Outlast Trials will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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