The Charnel House Trilogy introduces itself with a creepy trailer

Gare – Monday, February 23, 2015 11:45 AM
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The Charnel House Trilogy is… well, it’s a trilogy of adventure games. Or at least, now it is, arriving to us from the workshop of Owl Cave, the team behind the short yet highly atmospheric (and free) point and click horror adventure, Sepulchre, which you can actually still download right over here. So, if you took a liking to Sepulchre, you’ll be happy to hear that it was only the middle portion of a three-part narrative – which brings us to the topic at hand, the Charnel House Trilogy. Owl Cave decided to add Parts 1 and 3 to the story (Inhale and Exhale, respectively), an eerie trailer for which was released just recently: it’s going to feature both a new protagonist and the old one from Sepulchre, as well as other new faces, including a character voiced by well-known game journalist Jim Sterling. The artwork was provided by Ivan Ulyanov and Ben Chandler, whose works we’ve previously seen in some of the Blackwell games.

The Charnel House trilogy will be available on Steam sometime this April.

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