The Bard’s Tale 4 is now on Kickstarter, in-engine video revealed

Gare – Thursday, June 4, 2015 6:22 PM
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Earlier this year, we reported on Brian Fargo’s announcement that one of the granddaddies of first-person party-based RPGs, The Bard’s Tale, would be making its triumphant modern return after decades of absence. And now, we have something more concrete, as the game is up on Kickstarter and is already making tremendous amounts of money – as it turns out, the new installment will offer all the things you loved about the originals and then some. You will explore Skara Brae from top to bottom, engaging in a genuinely challenging dungeon crawler experience, solving complex puzzles and battling foes with the help of a so-called dynamic phase-based combat system. What this means is that while combat is based on phases (your party acts first, then the enemy, and so on), the player’s characters act immediately upon receiving an order – in the original games, players saw the results of combat only after they had made all their choices in advance.

Judging by the team’s projection, the game is expected to be released in 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux – additionally, if the Kickstarter hits the $1.25 million goal (we’re sure it will), inXile Entertainment will contribute another $1.25 million of its own money to the overall budget. In the meantime, here’s a gorgeous, recently released teaser demonstrating what the game might look like running on the Unreal 4 Engine.


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