The 1st Act of DreadOut Haunts Steam Today

Gare – Friday, May 16, 2014 2:22 AM
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DreadOut, an upcoming survival horror game inspired by the Fatal Frame franchise as well Asian horror movies will be debuting on Steam on May 15, developer Digital Happiness has announced. In DreadOut, players take control of a young Indonesian girl called Linda, who, after what had initially started as an innocent high school trip, ends up finding herself in the middle of a series of supernatural happenings. The game will see the appearance of various spirits and monstrosities from Indonesian folklore, although at first glance – we must admit –, many will most likely associate white robes and long, black hair with their well-known Japanese counterparts. The game, much like the series it was inspired by, will see the clash of the supernatural with modern technology: utilizing gameplay mechanics similar to the Fatal Frame Franchise, DreadOut requires players to fight off the various spirits chasing after them with digital cameras and smartphones. While the game normally plays from an over-the-shoulder third person view point, using the camera plunges the player straight into an immersive first person view for added scares.

A free, playable demo was also made available for the title as early as April of last year, so those considering to purchase the full version may very well test their selves in preparation for release. DreadOut will be available as a digital download on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

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