Tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale leaves Early Access, launches full version

Gare – Thursday, April 28, 2022 1:49 PM
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Developer Neocore Games’ King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has finally left Early Access and launched its full-fledged, 1.0 version, came a recent announcement from the team. Uniquely mixing elements of Arthurian legend with dark fantasy traditions, the project also blends the characteristics of classic character-driven RPGs with that of tactical, turn-based strategy games. The full release now features the entire storyline of the game, with all four of its narrative acts, as well as thirty playable heroes, five classes and over fifty missions to tackle – as well as additional unlockable endgame content for those yearning for more challenges after finishing the story.

The plot of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale begins with a dark and intriguing twist: following a decisive clash that leaves both Sir Mordred and King Arthur dead, players take on the role of a resurrected Mordred who embarks on a grim quest to slay a similarly returned Arthur in order to save the realm from his corruption.

Watch a new trailer below:

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