System Shock 3 gets its first teaser trailer

Gare – Tuesday, March 19, 2019 1:06 PM
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System Shock 3 has received its first short trailer, showcasing a few seconds of in-engine footage. The much-anticipated cyberpunk action-RPG – announced all the way back in 2015 – comes as a direct sequel to 1999’s System Shock 2 and will see the return of the malicious rogue AI, SHODAN, who served as the now-iconic antagonist for the previous two installments as well. Developer OtherSide Entertainment’s Warren Spector, producer on the first System Shock and director for Deus Ex, is part of the project and has spoken in the past about how the team is handling the sequel, noting that the storyline in particular will deal with SHODAN’s motivations, exploring exactly why she wants to destroy humanity.

Other than the teaser, a few screenshots are also available to view on the game’s official site.


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