Swinging through the jungle – Gibbon: Beyond the Trees announced

Gare – Wednesday, February 2, 2022 5:12 PM
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Developer Broken Rules have announced Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, a hand-drawn action-adventure game that lets you unleash your inner gibbon as you lunge from branch to branch toward freedom. Featuring a so-called liberation mode with procedurally generated levels, as well as a roughly hour-long story mode, Gibbon’s core gameplay is based on brachiation, a form of movement used by real gibbons when they swing from one branch to another in order to quickly travel through the wilderness. Gibbon, meanwhile, is also an environmentally conscious game – its narrative will deal with important real-life topics including climate change, deforestation and poaching as it tells the tale of a family of gibbons hoping to survive the many threats posed by humans.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees will first launch via Apple Arcade on February 25, with PC and Switch versions to follow at a later date.


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