Survive the hardships of a dark fantasy world in upcoming adventure-strategy game Gord

Gare – Thursday, April 15, 2021 6:03 PM
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Developer has revealed Gord, a moody settlement building strategy game that pits you against the dangers of a harsh, dark fantasy universe inspired by Slavic folklore. Players will oversee the development of their community, pray to mysterious gods in exchange for magical incantations, and manage the morale of the populace by making sure they don’t starve or get ill. There is, of course, a large and intimidating world out there beyond the safety of your walls, and you will indeed have to venture outside at times and face off against deadly mythical creatures that take no prisoners. Interestingly enough, each adventure can also by tailored to your needs through the game’s richly customizable Scenario options, allowing you to determine exactly what kind of level you’ll play on (size, starting resources, weather, etc.) and what types of dangers you’ll be facing. Here’s a trailer:

Gord will be coming to PC in 2022.

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