Survive long enough to get home in upcoming indie horror game PARANOIHELL

Gare – Friday, September 27, 2019 12:28 PM
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PARANOIHELL is a game about making your way back home – at 3AM, in the dead of night, with strange things happening all around you. Protagonist Erica Yu works as a bartender and has just finished her shift when a mysterious stranger tells her that he knows her… and then disappears without a trace. Scared yet determined to get home, Erica takes to the streets to do just that – however, if the game’s description as a “chaotic nightmare” is anything to go by, accomplishing that task won’t be as easy as one might think. PARANOIHELL has been primarily inspired by classic horror titles released during the PS1 era, meaning you’ll have to rely on items, stealth and a variety of weapons in order to make it through the night – manage your resources well, and you just might succeed.

PARANOIHELL has a planned release window of October/November of this year. There’s also a short playable demo available right now on


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