Surreal horror adventure game Sons of Saturn gets November 30 launch date

Gare – Friday, November 3, 2023 3:09 PM
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Sons of SaturnPlatform: Windows, Linux, macOSGenre: AdventureDeveloper: The Saturn StudioPublisher: The Saturn StudioRelease: 2023Q4Developer The Saturn Studio has revealed a November 30 release date for its upcoming psychological horror-adventure game, Sons of Saturn. Taking place in the mysterious underground city of Minerva, brought to life with actual real-life photos of abandoned locations (taken by members of the development team), Sons of Saturn will take you on a journey to explore not just the city itself, but the psyches of its characters as well. And since this is a horror game... well. I’m not exactly expecting sunshine and rainbows. The city, after all, is described as a place “where the dead dream and memories cling to life”, which already sounds plenty ominous, if you ask me. Either way, here’s an older trailer that demonstrates the unique mood of the game:

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