Supernatural survival horror game Expedition Zero is out now

Gare – Monday, March 28, 2022 3:42 PM
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Developer Enigmatic Machines, along with publisher tinyBuild, have launched Expedition Zero, an atmospheric survival horror game set in a bitterly cold and completely isolated zone fraught with dangers and supernatural entities. With limited resources, a need to fight the cold, and the constant fear of having to face whatever creatures lurk in the dark of the forest, Expedition Zero is a game that hopes to build an air of terror and mystery, something I did appreciate when I tried its demo a number of weeks back.

I wrote: “It feels like there’s a lot more left to explore in this world, and I’ve yet to full piece together every part of this terrifying puzzle. I am, however, intrigued. Haunting notes left in abandoned houses, inexplicable, ghost-like entities huddled together at a dark church, and oddly mutated, undead workers shuffling sluggishly between tents meant for children – these are just some of the fascinatingly head-scratching experiences I’ve had with Expedition Zero, but if the brief slice I’ve played is any indication, this could turn out to be a genuinely atmospheric, well-put-together survival horror experience.”

Gameplay with no commentary
Expedition Zero is available now on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.

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