Stylish multiplayer tank game Tank Maniacs out now on PC

Gare – Sunday, December 8, 2019 12:18 PM
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Developer GAMELAB has launched Tank Maniacs, a charmingly cartoony multiplayer tank game for up to four players. Participants are dropped into an arena and given a simple task: to eliminate all their enemies using whatever means they have at their disposal. And that’s not all: during each match, you’ll have to watch out not just for your fellow players, but a variety of environmental hazards as well. Tank Maniacs features 11 tanks to choose from and 8 levels to fight on via 4 separate game modes, and although, by default, it’s only playable via local multiplayer, it also happens to support Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which should allow you to play online with friends.

Have a look at the launch trailer below:


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