Stylish horror adventure Tokyo Dark is now up on the Square Enix Collective

Gare – Tuesday, January 27, 2015 11:10 PM
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At this point, I’m certain most of you already know what the Square Enix Collective is, so let’s get to the good bits right away – there’s a new project up on the platform, and it’s called Tokyo Dark, a horror-themed detective mystery unfolding within the city of – you guessed it – Tokyo. You control the female detective Ayami Ito as she explores the dark underbelly of the city in search of her missing partner, potentially unearthing things that might’ve been better left untouched – if the initial information provided is anything to go by, there’s a paranormal conspiracy in the making, and you know those are always good fun.

The game aims to combine aspects of the visual novel genre as well as classic point and click adventures, so other than pointing and clicking (that is, searching for/collecting clues and solving a number of puzzles), you’ll also have the opportunity to affect the storyline with your choices in order to unlock multiple endings. The story, we’re told, is planning to deal not only with fictional, but very real monsters as well, including "suicide, child idols, institutionalised sexism and increasing nationalism” in the Japanese capital. It’s also advertised as “one of the only games where firing your gun can lead to a disciplinary hearing, counselling and trauma therapy”, so if that doesn’t quite pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

Tokyo Dark is currently planned to be released on Windows and Mac, but with enough success on Kickstarter (coming sometime this spring or summer), Linux and Wii U versions may also be possible.

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