Steampunk survival shooter Sand will have you fight and scavenge on a desert planet

Gare – Tuesday, June 13, 2023 1:18 PM
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Developers Hologryph and TowerHaus, along with publisher tinyBuild have announced Sand, a post-apocalyptic online sandbox FPS taking place in a vast, ocean floor-turned-desert ripe for scavenging. In the game, which was revealed during the recent PC Gaming Show, players and their crew will use a massive robot fortress called a Trampler to travel across the desolate planet (once ruled by a spacefaring, alternate history version of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), discovering lost ruins, frightening anomalies and untold secrets while fending off other players trying to do the same. Your Trampler, by the way, is also your home base, and can be both upgraded and customized to fit your needs, and while the desert wasteland will be procedurally generated and thus full of unpredictable dangers, the various urban islands you’ll discover along the way are hand-crafted – and brimming with precious loot, of course. Watch the announcement trailer below:

Sand is in development for PC and next gen consoles.

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