Star Ocean 3 is getting an HD remaster

Gare – Wednesday, February 22, 2017 5:31 PM
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During a recent Star Ocean live stream, an HD remaster of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Director’s Cut) was announced for PlayStation 4. As the video itself shows, the remaster will enhance the originally PS2-exclusive title’s somewhat blurry visuals to deliver a more modern experience. Till the End of Time, the third main entry in the Star Ocean franchise, was originally released in 2003, in the heyday of the PlayStation 2 – its story is set in the far future, with our main protagonist becoming stranded on an underdeveloped planet that resembles a medieval/fantasy-themed world.

Footage of the remaster starts around the 1:13:05 bit of the live stream. There has been no word on a potential English version as of yet.

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