SpellForce 3 to launch in 2016

Gare – Monday, May 30, 2016 10:01 PM
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If you were gaming back in 2003, you may remember SpellForce as a unique hybrid of a game that did the unthinkable – it crossed the beams, like in Ghostbusters. Well, not quite, but it did cross RPG with RTS, resulting in quite a unique hybrid of armies clashing, classic RPG leveling with a hero of your own, and so on. It received a sequel and several expansions, but that’s not the point here: the point is that an official third installment is happening (it was first announced in 2014), and it’s coming out this year on PC – at least according to the game’s Steam page. Not only that, the new installment’s storyline will take place before the first game (SpellForce: The Order of Dawn), making it a prequel of sorts. You can expect the same old mix of RPG and RTS, with a 30+ hour single player campaign, as well as multiplayer with both versus and co-op modes.

As a side note – for those interested in some of the franchise’s music –, here’s another snippet of information: the soundtrack of the first SpellForce is still available for your listening pleasure on the game’s official website, by clicking on the “Mp3 Player” button in the top left. Happy listening.

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