Solve the mystery of your own death in upcoming point & click game The Drifter

Gare – Tuesday, October 22, 2019 8:09 PM
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Crawl developer Powerhoof has announced The Drifter, a 2D point & click adventure with a decidedly retro aesthetic. The game follows Mick Carter, a drifter who returns to his home town only to witness a brutal murder – what’s worse, he ends up getting killed as well. This is where things get interesting, though: Mick’s consciousness is drawn back into his body, essentially reviving him. He doesn’t have the luxury of enjoying his second chance, though – he’s been framed for the murder he witnessed, and if that alone wasn’t enough, Mick also has a strange feeling that something else has returned with him from the other side following his inexplicable resurrection.

The Drifter is currently in development with no specific release date given.

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