Solve a murder mystery from your balcony in upcoming indie thriller The Flower Collectors

Gare – Friday, March 6, 2020 4:28 PM
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Developer Mi'pu'mi Games (The Lion’s Song) has announced The Flower Collectors, a murder mystery thriller with a unique twist. According to the storyline, you’re Jorge, a wheelchair-bound ex-cop in 1977’s Barcelona whose pastimes include admiring the city scenery from his comfy little balcony. One night, however, Jorge ends up witnessing an actual murder and decides to team up with Melinda, a young journalist, in order to try and crack the case. In the game, you’ll have to rely on your camera, binoculars and transmitter to observe and interrogate potentially suspicious neighbors in an attempt to figure out who had committed the grisly crime.

The Flower Collectors will be coming to PC, though we currently have no information regarding its specific release date.


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