Solve a murder mystery aboard a train in adventure game Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville

Gare – Friday, January 19, 2024 2:33 PM
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Developer The Wild Gentlemen has announced Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville, an adventure game with a charming art style and a major mystery to solve. How major, you may ask? Well, the story kicks off when a peace ambassador is murdered aboard a luxury train, and you – detectives Moses and Plato – are named as the primary suspects. So, in order to clear your name and sniff out the real culprit, you’ll have to utilize your detective instincts and animal senses by interrogating passengers, eavesdropping on conversations, and connecting vital clues – but hurry up, as time elapses with every action you take, and if the murder is left unsolved, the incident could lead to an all-out war between two powerful nations. That said, the game promises a variety of different perspectives to uncover on repeated playthroughs, so keep trying, keep playing, and hopefully you’ll find all the answers you need. Here’s a trailer:

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