Snatcher gets enhanced remix on the Dreamcast

Gare – Friday, March 7, 2014 7:39 AM
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Although the name of Hideo Kojima nowadays most likely evokes images of the Metal Gear saga in the minds of many, the famed Japanese game designer did try his hand at something quite different many, many years ago. Snatcher was a dark cyberpunk adventure game released all the way back in 1988 for PC-8801 and MSX2, albeit only in Japan – the West had to wait until 1994 to get their hands on the fully localized English edition that launched on the Sega CD. The long wait, however, was – as most fans would agree – very much worth it, as Snatcher is often cited as a genuine masterpiece of a game that – despite the ever-growing fame of the Metal Gear franchise – is easily among Kojima’s finest creations to date, gaining popularity due to its dark, futuristic atmosphere and plot rich in unexpected twists and turns.

Snatcher’s story takes place in the future and focuses on its titular „snatchers” – highly intelligent humanoid robots that, after murdering their victims, take on their likeness in order to blend into society without regular humans noticing. The player takes control of Gillian Seed, a gifted member of the anti-Snatcher organization J.U.N.K.E.R., tasked with eliminating snatchers and shedding light on their goals and origins.

The Dreamcast re-release announced recently by CollectorVision offers less pixelated graphics and a remixed soundtrack. While to me personally, the original still appears to look more appealing than the overly smoothed, blurred visuals of „enhanced” version, the fact remains that those that have always wanted to try their hands at Snatcher on their Dreamcasts will soon be able to do so.

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