Slay demons and save the day in Kingdom of Night, an upcoming Diablo-esque action-RPG

Gare – Wednesday, May 8, 2019 4:39 PM
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It’s the 1980s and a satanic cult has somehow unleashed the forces of ancient evil upon a town in Arizona and kidnapped your neighbor – so it’s only natural, I suppose, that you’d go out into the night for a spot of demon hunting. That’s more or less what Kingdom of Night offers: an isometric action-RPG experience with tons of demon-slaying in the vein of the original Diablo, and it’s doing reasonably well in Kickstarter, too. At the time of writing, the initial funding goal of $10,000 had already been met, and now we’re deep in stretch goal territory – said stretch goals, by the way, will unlock extra features such as a boss rush mode, a speedrun mode, co-op support and more. If everything goes well, Kingdom of Night will be out in October of 2020 for PC (Steam, GOG), PS4, Xbox One and Switch.


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