Simon the Sorcerer Origins gets a new trailer, will feature a song by Rick Astley

Gare – Tuesday, March 26, 2024 5:56 PM
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Simon The Sorcerer OriginsPlatform: Windows, Linux, macOSGenre: Action, AdventureDeveloper: Smallthing StudiosPublisher: Leonardo InteractiveRelease: 2024Q4Simon the Sorcerer Origins, an upcoming prequel to the legendary 90s point & click adventure game series, has a new trailer out – what’s more, the game is going to have a musical cameo you may not have expected. Returning 30 years after the original games and brought to life with all-new hand-drawn visuals, Simon the Sorcerer Origins will once again star the titular Simon, a teenager who gets transported into a world of wizards, magic and fantastical creatures, forcing him to overcome a whole host of mind-bending obstacles along the way. The new trailer, which was showcased during this month’s Future Games Show, features some new scenes from the game, along with voice work from Chris Barrie, the original voice actor for Simon. And here’s another thing that may surprise you: the game’s soundtrack will feature the pop hit Together Forever by Rick Astley. Yes, really.

Either way, here’s the new trailer in question:

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